What are virtual tours?
A virtual tour is a 3-D presentation of an actually existing architectural or natural setting.
It is composed of a series of still photos. In a virtual tour, people can have a 360 degree view
(from ceiling to floor and from left to right) and zoom in and out their view of the setting by
simply moving and clicking their mouse as though they are standing in the middle looking around.

In addition, when incorporated with either hotspots or floor plans, virtual tours could interactively
enable people to move from room to room by simply clicking their mouse.

Moreover, virtual tours can be associated with sound effects, music, and texts to narratively and
delicately present the settings.

Why virtual tours?
Virtual tours are the best way to comprehensively and dynamically show people your

Virtual tours not only provide people with the 360 degree view in each tour but also enable
them to zoom in / zoom out their view.

Virtual tours can create interactive (walk-through) effects either through the floor plans
that interact with their corresponding virtual tours or through the hotspots embedded in each
virtual tour so that when your consumers view each panoramic photos they can experience
the walk-through effects.

Since your consumers will not miss any angel and they can have 3-D views of the setting,

(1). You save not only your time to show your home/property/construction to every potential
consumer but also your consumer's time to travel to each individual location.

(2). Your consumers can visualize the possession, visiting, and enjoyment of your home/property/
construction and thus be able to plan ahead to make the best arrangements (i.e., furniture settings
and other interior/exterior settings).

It is the best way that you show your sincerity and high standard of services to your consumers!!!

Who needs virtual tours?
Whoever wants to show people their homes, lands, and any other constructions!

They could be:
 *  Home Owners
 *  Real Estate Agents
 *  Home Builders
 *  Designers
 *  Museums / Galleries / Performance Centers
 *  Schools
 *  Motels/Resorts
 *  .....

System Requirements
   with CPU Pentium 3 or faster
   with internet access (cable preferred)

   You need to have either Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Firefox to view virtual tours.

   Click here to download Quicktime for free.